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Gemmology as an art-form has a long and illustrious past, though it's impossible to say with certainty when the working of precious stones began. One thing is clear: beginning with the Chaldeans and Egyptians through to the Greeks and Romans, developing further under the reign of Louis X1V, and right up to the present day, jewellery has maintained a rapid growth, taking full advantage of increasingly effective working techniques. Similarly, techniques have been refined in the cutting of precious stones, a process serving a dual purpose; avoiding the problems of disfigurement, and enhancing refraction and dispersion of light. The same progress has been made with the working of precious metals. A key aim of a well established and noted “Marco Tironi” is the further development of these very same techniques, presenting to today's global market objects of a unique nature, recognised for the quality of the stones and the execution of the jewels, treated down to the finest detail by our master goldsmiths.

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