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We are an Italian company established as a result of a genuine love of precious
stones and collectible minerals and over the years have accumulated a wealth of
experience within this fascinating world. Our company was motivated by the urge to
bring to the public's attention the extraordinary appeal of high quality collectible
stones, which due to their extreme rarity had remained relatively unknown right up
to the present. We undertake the marketing of top-of-the-range gemstones
(emeralds, sapphires, aqua marina, tourmaline) and collectible minerals.
There's no doubting that these represent some of the most beautiful examples in the world.
We can boast close working relationships with a range of countries and continents
including: Brazil, China, Pakistan, Mexico, and the United States;
our expert representatives are constantly visiting the actual places of excavation
often in the most remote and inaccessible regions on the planet.
Hence our company is at the forefront, at the cutting edge,
right where the minerals we deal in are actually discovered.
Our discernible group of clients are characterised
by a common passion for mineralogy, but also include
lovers simply of things 'of a beautiful nature';
from art collectors to architects to people occupied
within the world of interior design.

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